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VICE World News

“We find that the psychedelic experience is not just a side effect of ketamine,” explains Kabir Ali, My Ketamine Home’s communications director, “it is the main experience.” He claims that it “enables us to look at things from a different lens, which allows insights to surface” – and that even more so than psilocybin, “it …

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Wake Up World

Your mindset entering into a ketamine experience plays a large role in determining the direction it takes. Set yourself up for success and discover tangible ways to make the most of your experience. These experiences help you directly observe shifts in consciousness. Meditation is the study of consciousness. Used together, this can be a productive …

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Miami New Times

Though ketamine has been safely used in hospitals since the 1970s, its notoriety as a party drug has cast a stigma on the medicine. But its reputation has hardly slowed its continued clinical use. This past May, the FDA approved a ketamine-derived nasal spray to treat depression. And a new study in Nature Communications claims …

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