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Client Stories

Everyday, individuals turn to My Ketamine Home’s at-home oral treatment to find an alternative and effective way for a mental relief and reset. We focus on our client’s experience with medical care, personalized plan and ongoing process improvements. See how we have helped individuals who have started their journey with My Ketamine Home.

mkh Miguel


Miguel needed help to manage his anxiety when he reached out to My Ketamine Home. After speaking with the MKH team, he began with a personalized development path curated by My Ketamine Home. Soon after beginning the program, Miguel began to effectively manage his anxiety, and feel a mental relief. Listen to his story
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mkh marina


Marina had big dreams for the big city, but depression was holding her back. A trusted friend recommended ketamine treatment, and she was curious to know if it could bring her mental relief. She reached out to My Ketamine Home and shared her story. Soon after, she joined our growing family of individuals.  Watch her …

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