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A true breakthrough in mental health

Ketamine produces profound and rapid antidepressant effects in one to four hours.


Why My Ketamine Home?

My Ketamine Home provides an at-home oral Ketamine Program to combat depression, anxiety and trauma. Feel relief within hours after your first treatment.
SSRIs vs. Ketamine
Ketamine works differently than traditional antidepressants and is often effective when SSRIs fail.
Fastest Acting Antidepressant
Ketamine produces profound and rapid antidepressant effects in one to four hours.
Psychedelic Effects
Psychedelics have the power to shape us in a profound and positive way and heal through understanding and insight.​
Proven safe, effective and affordable.
Program Overview

How does it work?

Chronic stress weakens neural connections in the brain over time. Depression actually decreases the number of synapses in the brain.Ketamine works directly to restore these connections. It binds to the NMDA receptor and releases a glutamate surge. This in turn releases growth factors, like BDNF (brain-derived neurotrophic factor), which help make new synaptic connections and pave healthier thought patterns in the brain.
Ketamine Experience

Comparing Psychedelics

You may be wondering how ketamine compares to other psychedelics.
  • Ketamine is a non-traditional psychedelic
  • Shorter acting, lasting about 2 hours on average
  • More predictable than LSD, psilocybin, or ayahuasca
  • Sense of floating, weightlessness
  • Ability to create vibrant imagery, valuable insights, and spiritual experiences
Ketamine produces a cascade of neurobiological effects in the brain to promote healing. A psychedelic state is simply a different aspect of your consciousness.These states allow you to safely and productively explore your thoughts from a new perspective.Here you can find meaning and insight that will accelerate the healing process.

A New Kind of Antidepressant

The STAR*D trial was a $35 million study on traditional antidepressants. It showed in the majority of cases there was no response to the first trial. One-third of patients never responded despite months of switching treatments.Ketamine’s rapid-acting antidepressant effects are widely considered one of the biggest breakthroughs in psychiatry in the last two decades.People can feel relief within 24 to 72 hours after their first treatment, compared to 3-6 weeks with conventional antidepressants.

Efficacy of Oral Ketamine

Over the past few years, the much less expensive and widely available oral ketamine formulation was tested to be very effective in clinical trials. It is safe to take at home.
Oral ketamine was substantially superior to placebo 41 patients with treatment resistant depression (32% vs 6%).
In a study of 40 patients with depression, oral ketamine response rates were 60% vs 15% in placebo.
Oral ketamine significantly lowered depression scores compared to sertraline (SSRI) in 90 patients with moderate to severe depression (85% vs 58%).

Ketamine has been a life changer for me. My brain was stuck on the most negative news station. Ketamine allows my brain to switch channels.

Properly dosed, in a step-wise and safe fashion, many people can experience the same depth and efficacy of experience as they previously had with intravenous therapy.
At-home Program

Our 4 Step Process

My Ketamine Home provides an at-home oral Ketamine Program to combat depression, anxiety and trauma.
Free evaluation
Our evaluation walks you through our oral ketamine program, our unique dose discovery process and how our treatment works for depression, anxiety and post-traumatic stress disorder, PTSD.
Educational consult
Our expert medical team will answer all of your medical questions to safely and effectively find the right dose for you. We create a customized ketamine treatment program. Many of our patients have had similar experiences and results with our oral program as they had with their prior IV ketamine infusion therapies.
Peaceful experiences
We make your experience our business. Our unique discovery process finds the most effective dose for you. Our Client Concierge Team supports you each step of the way, ensuring you make the most of each experience.
Sustainable growth
Let us help you develop a healthier relationship with yourself and heal the root causes of your depression and anxiety. We give you the tools to make the most out of your journey and help you develop sustainable peace. We can connect you with our network of KetaCounselors to guide you through the experience and find meaningful insights.
Proven safe, effective and affordable.